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Why Good Design is Important

Much of our inspiration and up to date knowledge of landscape design is from our willingness to always learn. During the winter months we research through articles and websites to keep up to date on the latest trends of landscaping. Joe Lamp’s is the Host and...

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What is mulching and edging and why do we do it?

Here at Schultz’s Landscaping, LLC you will often hear us discuss edging and mulching with our clients.  In modern landscaping, mulch is a protective layer of organic material that is placed over or around plants. Mulch can be employed for many reasons, but the most...

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Think Spring!

We want you thinking spring long before it’s sprung. If you’re considering having us do some landscape work for you, the time to talk is sooner than you think. Winter is a great time for the planning phase to take place and to ask yourself the questions, “Are there...

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