A fire pit is rapidly becoming one of the most popular additions to people’s backyards.  Nothing extends the use of your yard as this attractive focal point.  Just add a few logs or turn on the gas and you are ready to go!  If you are like me, nothing beats watching a movie or sporting event on TV or visiting with family and friends around a cozy fire.  

We have many choices when it comes to the actual fire pit and sitting area around it.  The fire pit itself can be either permanent or portable, circular or square, wood burning or gas.  The sitting area around it can be either pavers, pea gravel, natural stone, or even grass.  

Many of us, however, have limited space for this “go to” feature.  We want all the benefits of a permanent fire pit with paver sitting area but we have extreme space constraints.  One solution which has worked well for many of our customers is a fire pit, sitting wall and patio combination.  The sitting wall allows us to offer seating on one side of the fire pit without having to extend the patio surface large enough to accommodate chairs.   This cuts down on our patio square footage and enables us to install this combination in as little as a 150 sq. foot area.   

Now is a perfect time to have your fire pit area installed……even if you have limited space.  Give Schultz’s Landscaping a call today! 

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