With Spring just around the corner, many of you will be investing time and money into new plantings.  Moisture is essential for the survival and growth of your newly installed plants.  The best way to know when a plant needs water is to feel the soil approximately 5” down around the base of the plant.  If the soil is dry, water thoroughly.  If this method is not practical for you, a general rule of thumb is as follows:  Water newly planted trees and shrubs 2 or 3 times per week for the first month after installation, then once a week for the second month after installation.  A heavy rain may supplement for a required watering.  Watering should be done from an open ended hose placed at the base of the plant.

trees and shrubs

Allow the water to slowly trickle for 15 minutes on newly planted trees, and 5 minutes for newly planted shrubs.  Remember that water from a gushing hose will simply run off the surface, never reaching the roots of the plant.  We also recommend deep watering in early winter to prevent dehydration after the ground freezes.



Newly installed seed, sod, and groundcovers need to be kept uniformly moist for the first 3 weeks after installation.  In the summer, this can mean watering every day.  Early morning is the best time to water, followed by early evening.  While it is effective to use a sprinkler on these, DO NOT use a sprinkler on newly planted trees and shrubs.  This will only encourage shallow rooting, making the plant vulnerable to summer heat and winter cold.  


Remember, plants that are treated like living things will reward you with years of enjoyment!  Give Schultz’s Landscaping a call today to schedule your Spring plantings.

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